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Bukka, The Tastiest Nigerian Tech Co.


Bukka plans to create at least 1000 new jobs in Lagos, Nigeria by the end of 2016. Bukka will reinvent the way people buy their meals by making the process of ordering food via mobile app ALOT more convenient and affordable.

Bukka is a person-to-person location based food mobile application that links chefs to hungry customers. We make your favorite foods readily available to you by connecting you to the nearest available chef in your neighborhood.  So you will always have a large variety of cuisine, freshly made and less expensive than what is available at many restaurants.

We are the solution that professional chefs and cooks need to earn money without having to open a restaurant. All YOU need is your mobile device and a chef waiting in their domestic kitchen nearby.

How the Bukka app works:

  • SELECT YOUR LOCATION: Login into your Bukka account with a Gmail or Facebook account, tap to set your delivery location and a list of available chefs around your location will appear.
  • SELECT CHEF: Select chef from the list, browse the chef menu,  and select food item(s) of choice (tap multiple time to increase quantity). Proceed to cart and click the checkout button. The chef of our choosing will accept your order and your card would be charged.
  • ENJOY MEAL: Sit back & relax in your home while your chef prepares your meal. Depending on the chef account, expect delivery or proceed to pick up a meal when ready from the dedicated chef pickup location. Enjoy your meal and be sure to rate the chef and report if there is was a problem with your order.

Download the app “Bukka” (available on the Android play store) and then you can buy homemade food from your favorite local chefs.

To learn more, follow us on social media @mybukka and be sure to visit

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