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#18: Why Do Diaspora Businesses Fail In Nigeria?

January 23, 2017

Let’s get specific about why businesses fail. Today we are getting really nitty gritty with why many businesses started by the Diaspora (who relocate to Nigeria) fail.

Ijeoma joins me on The Iveoma Show to discuss why her boutique that she started in Enugu, Nigeria collapsed, how it took her life savings’ and the extremely useful business lessons she learned.


Iveoma – AKA ME LOL! is a place that tells in-depth and honest accounts of business start-ups in Nigeria. My shows will be inspirational, positive, and above all else educational. I seek to empower African Diaspora professionals who plan to start their own businesses in Nigeria with hands-on tips and advice from those who have become successful already. Come hang out with me as I learn from business owners who identified REAL problems and offered REAL solutions to Nigerians.


  • Why Ijeoma relocated to Enugu, Nigeria in 2013 (:56)
  • How the Enugu State Government told her that they will demolish her shop 2 days after the grand opening (3:23)
  • How she was let down by her connections/acquaintances in Nigeria (8:00)
  • How leaving America to go to Nigeria made her appreciate her life in America so much more (12:41)
  • Advice for diaspora who want to build a business in Nigeria  (14:28)
  • The importance of understanding the Nigerian customer needs and income (16:49)


Dr. Harnet Bokrezion, founder of Africa Business Jumpstart, listened to the podcast above and wrote an article about the classic problems that Ijeoma faced when she tried to enter the Nigerian market.

Dr. Harnet is the premier African market strategist and she has really helped me to identify my own market strategy and direction for my website. Sometimes we really need a pro when we go into business especially an African focused business, Dr. Harnet is that pro.

Read the article below and learn about mistakes that you can avoid as you build your African business : )

5 Mistakes: This Increases Your Business Failure In Africa


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