Season 1,

#1: Watch Me Build My Africa (Well…Nigerian) Brand

October 05, 2016

All successful people inevitably leave footprints behind them.”– Bob Steele

Footprints & Nigerian Startups

Soooo, I finally decided. I am going for it.

I am going to focus on interviewing Nigerians from the Diaspora who have moved to the continent in order to start/run/create startups.

I have been looking around and I have noticed a lot of people my age are moving across the world and opting to live in Nigeria.

See, I would not be that curious if they moved for a year or two and then ran back to the US. But the crazy thing is that they are not coming back.  They are staying in Nigeria and not only in popping places like Lagos and Abuja but they are also moving to Calabar, Warri, etc.

They are uprooting themselves and their families in order to start businesses.

Is The Grass Greener In Nigeria?

So now I am curious. Is the grass greener in Nigeria even during a recession?

This past year I reached out to many Nigerians running startups in Nigeria. I am insanely curious (nosy) about how they run their businesses. How do they make money? What fields are they entering? How big is the Nigerian market? What kind of business models work best on the ground?

Not only will I be offering you a peek into their businesses but you will get an honest behind the scenes look at how I am building my own business.

My website, my podcast The Iveoma Show, and my youtube channel (coming soon) will be a resource for those of you planning on turning your ideas, passions or talents into a full-time business or side-income in Nigeria. This website is my way of leaving a big footprint for others. I know I am going to be successful because I have already claimed it. I want to claim it for you too. 

Watch Me Build My African Nigerian Brand

I am going to leave you with the quote below. Speak to you next Tuesday 🙂

Is anything truly impossible? Or is it that the path to our goals appears too unclear to follow? It seems to me that if you seek hard enough, pray hard enough, you usually stumble across a scattering of breadcrumbs that marks the trail leading to the goal you once considered beyond your reach.”–Richelle E. Goodrich

Listen to the podcast introduction to my channel!


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