Let Me Paint The Scene

Yesterday, I pulled up to a 4 way stop (4 stops signs placed at the intersection of two streets).  I see a tiny elderly couple with stooped postures standing to the right of me at the pedestrian crossing. The man was dressed in a fresh baby blue polo, neatly pressed knee length khaki shorts and all white sneakers. He was bald and his head was almost completely covered in giant age spots.  He was holding the hand of a woman with a matching outfit and full head of short white hair.  I don’t know if they were actually 90 years old but they really looked like they were.

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Asking for help, take 1…

“Hello?” I tuck my phone underneath my ear.

“Ivy? Hi, it’s Ibk.” He paused. “You sent me a text about video editing and branding.”

“Oh, hi!” I squeal and I stop to clear my throat hoping I do not sound desperate.

“SoIneedsomehelpwithvideoeditingandpersonalbranding,” I mumbled.

“Dear I didn’t hear you,” Ibk answered.

I take a deep breath and repeat, “So I need some help with video editing and personal branding.”

“Oh, okay, I will help you,” Ibk replied.

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The day I decided to outsource…

I took off my glasses and groaned as I rubbed my bleary eyes. I tentatively stretched my aching back and then glanced at the clock by my bedside table, it read… 4am! I jumped up out of my chair and decided to take a power-nap until 6am which was when I had to wake up to go to my full-time job.

I was hunched over my computer since 6:30 pm the day before editing ONE audio interview and it still wasn’t close to perfect. What is going on? I need to outsource this ASAP.

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Yesterday my pastor said, “words create worlds.”
Let me say that again and let it sink in, “words create worlds.” 

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

I have transformed my life, career, dreams, goals and mindset with positive nourishing words. I have done a complete 180 in the past due to implementing positive self-talk. I talk aloud to myself because if I think something, say it and then hear the words it helps me remember and believe it.

I urge you to speak positive words aloud.
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Speaking With An Authentic Voice

“Why did I do that?” I started to panic after deleting a 2,800-word resource guide about the importance of African small business owners creating a strong African brand.

I deleted my guide at 5pm on June 7th, 2016. The day and time are not very important to you, however this website goes live in seven hours and that African brand guide was going to be my big professional splash.

However, I just could not publish it, the first line was “how thoughtful branding can transform an African business.” Whose voice is that? Not mine.

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