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4 Steps To Achieve Goals W/ Grace Ashama

As I get older, my big dreams end up butting heads with my big fears. How can I stop holding myself back from pursuing my goals because I am afraid?Question from Ivy


Achieving goals and going after dreams is a lifelong journey. Fear is something I deal with when it comes to following and moving towards my goals. I get scared and wonder if I really should be doing the things that I am doing.

I want to hide in my shell but then that tiny little voice won’t let me be. You know that voice that constantly tugs at your heart, that small voice that comes from within.

There is no joy in giving into your fears. We have all been sent here for a purpose and it would be sad to not fulfill it. I will be sharing 4 things that help me achieve my goals.

1. Just Move

Clarity comes by doing, not thinking. With every step you take towards your goals, you discover a new piece of the puzzle.

I used to spend a lot of my time trying to figure out what I was to do and where I was going to begin. I would think and think and think and but most times I ended up just feeling confused and stuck.

So I decided to take steps and do something towards my goals. I got a lot more than I bargained for because not only did I get clear about where I was headed but I also achieved clarity on how to get there.

With every step you take, you discover a new piece of the puzzle so you might as well start now. Just Move.

2. Own Your Fears & Confusion

You are going to get scared, feel confused and stuck. You probably are feeling those things now. It’s fine and normal, there is nothing wrong with you.

Own your fears and take control. Don’t let it hold you down and stop you from moving towards your goals. Talk to someone, write it down out if that is better for you and work through it.

Ask yourself this: What am I going to lose if I do not do this? What benefit is my hiding in fear going to accrue to me?

It’s all right to be scared but own that fear and move forward.

3. Invest In Yourself

Build yourself up for the task ahead.

Take courses, read books, read articles, just do something that helps prepare and equip you for your journey. Pay attention to the lessons that life gives and take note of them. Investing in you is very important.

4. The God Factor

I literally would not have come this far if not for God. “Commit your activities to the Lord and your plans will be achieved.”

I believe this with all my heart because it has been my story so far. I am able to just move, own my fears and confusions, invest in myself because of him, it has been God all the way.

So I implore you to trust him with your plans and watch him lead you beyond your wildest imaginations.

I really hope the tips I shared were helpful to you and I would love to read your comments on how you have been able to move towards your goals as well.

Love Always,


Grace Ashama


Grace AshamaGrace Ashama is life coach that is passionate about the media and empowering young women and girls.

Grace’s coaching practice focuses on women who feel stuck, afraid and confused about who they are; life direction; and need guidance on how to achieve their dreams. She helps them gain clarity, direction and focus through one on one support.

She is currently building an online platform that will provide training and courses for young women in areas of self-discovery, goal setting, personal development etc. It will be available very soon.

Grace will be giving away some slots for a free coaching session to a very limited number of people. You can book your session on her website Grace Ashama or via this link

Please see below her her social media accounts:
Instagram: @yarmirama
Facebook: Yarmirama Grace Ashama

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  1. Tayo Okanlawon says:

    Grace is a grace to this generation. Keep being great.

    1. Ivy says:

      Yes, I enjoyed working with Grace. She is a great person πŸ™‚

  2. Desmond says:

    Very true…. Thanks for sharing

    1. Ivy says:

      Thank you Desmond πŸ™‚

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